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Bringing your pets to Spain

Information about how to import animals and pets into Spain. Includes: certifications, verterinarians' certificates, regulations, pet passports. Also note the regulations for owning a dangerous animal.
Some advice, if you’ve never taken your pet on a plane before:
o If your pet is small enough, you can bring it on the plane via a crate that fits underneath your seat. If not, make a reservation with your airline and get the appropriate crate to store your pet.
o The airlines will also provide you info as to when you should last offer your pet food and water prior to departure.
o Your veterinarian may recommend using a low dose of tranquilizers to calm the pet down, depending upon its age and demeanor.
Requirements for the import of cats and dogs.
The following requirements concern the non-commercial importing of cats and dogs into Spain.
It’s considered non-commercial if importing only up to five animals without commercial purposes (not being part of a sale or with the intention to sell).
The entry of dogs and cats under three months of age is not allowed.
In Spain the ownership certain types of dogs is subject to strict requirements regarding registration and safety.
Identification of animals
All animals will be identified with either a tattoo or a microchip compatible with standards ISO-11784 or ISO-11785. If the animals are identified with a non-compatible microchip, the importer must supply the appropriate reading equipment.
The animals will also be accompanied by a veterinary certificate, issued by an Official Veterinarian, which will include the following:
o Identification of the owner or person responsible for the animal(s)
o Description and origin of the animal(s)
o Microchip or tattoo number, location and date of insertion.
o Information on the rabies vaccine (the vaccine type must be inactive, and in compliance with the standards of the OIE).
The veterinary certificate will be valid for 4 months or until the vaccine’s expiration date, whichever is first. Animals without the certificate will be denied entry into Spain.




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