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Things you should know when buying in Spain

NIE (numero de identidad de extranjero)A regisration number for temporary citizenship. This is also essential – it is impossible to purchase a property or car without it. 

Always use an Estate Agent who has an office, one that is registered. You will then always have a place to go to if you have a problem. No Estate Agent wants an unhappy client in the office telling the world they have not acted in the clients best interest.

Please be careful when dealing with Internet Agents who probably pay no contributions (tax) and have no office! Do you think for one moment that he or she will have your best interest at heart knowing full well that you will have no recourse if something goes terribly wrong.

Do not pay any monies until a deposit contract has been drawn up. Ask questions if you are not happy or you do not understand the content completely. 

Pre contracts – Once you have found the property you wish to purchase we (or your lawyer) draw up a pre-contract between you and the vendor called a Sale & Purchase Pre-Contract. It is usual to agree in this pre-contract that a deposit – normally 10% - is paid at this time. With this procedure done and signed, it is binding on both parties. This contract means that gazzumping does not occur. Within this contract, any details you wish to be verified can be noted. The date by which the completion will be finalized. After both parties sign this contract and the deposit is paid the papers related to the purchase are passed to the Notary office for the elected date to complete the sale.

Bank account – It is essential you have opened a Spanish bank account. We will help you with this by introducing you to the bank of your choice. 

Over the years, we at MySpanishome have seen many English people come here to buy a property only to be relieved of their hard earned money by so-called professional builders (not our clients I may add). So, please be careful when you choose your “builders”. Ask if you can see their qualifications for the type of work you require and view work they have already completed. Check that they are registered so that your receipts are worth the paper they are written on. If none of this is forthcoming our advise would be to go elsewhere!

You the purchaser do not pay the Estate Agents commission – this is paid by the seller.

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